Our trucks and stores serve a selection of Toby's Estate Coffee and Espresso drinks, Organic Rishi Teas and warm chocolate drinks made with Michel Cluizel 99% Infini Noir Chocolate. All our Barista's are trained at the Toby's Roastery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, mastering latte art and the ability to achieve the perfect espresso flavor profile through correct grind adjustments.

Toby's Estate began in Sydney, Australia in 1997 and have spent the past decade and a half sourcing, roasting and serving some of the best beans on planet earth. Toby's Estate opened January 2012 in Brooklyn and roast in-store to a medium profile on a stunning 25 Kilo Probat Burns roaster. Van Leeuwen are proud to be amoung the first to serve Toby's Estate in New York City.

Each Van Leeuwen coffee location is home to a Mirage Veloce espresso machine. Hand built in the Netherlands by Kees Van Der Westen, these beautiful machines make delicious espresso and steam luscious, microfoamed milk.